Why Original & Unrestored

Why Original & Unrestored


We're t-shirt people. It's in our blood. We've always worn our life on our sleeves: The Clash. Frankie Says. Metal Gear Solid. Spike Island. The latest away strip. Fred Perry. Countless rock gig tees.

We believe that life is better experienced. We are proud of who we are, and where we have come from.

We set up Original & Unrestored because we were bored of identikit apparel. Of dumb 'surf dude' slogans. Of 90 quid home shirts. Of shapeless cotton tees. Of mass market supermarket clobber.

We wanted to make clothing for us, and men like us. The originals. The passionate ones. Men who have stayed true to themselves.

That's the spirit of Original & Unrestored. Seen not herd.

Our ethos and values (or "why you can happily shop with us")

1. You can trust us like an old friend.

Original & Unrestored is the newest member of the Push Merchandising family. Push Merchandising has been trading since 2005, and sends out in excess of 100,000 garments a year. Those big fat numbers mean we're bona fide, not some pokey start-up with no idea what to do with an actual order. It's also why we’ve enjoyed tons of good press over the last 10 years, even making the Vogue Cool List in 2007. (Go us.)

2. We treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We are a family business with customers all over the world. We've earned our 5-star Trustpilot rating through honest, hard work: putting the quality of our products and our customer service above all else.

3. Every product we sell is special.

There's nothing worse than a t-shirt that shrinks after its first tour of duty in the laundry. Ours won't. Each t-shirt is a super high-quality garment, pre-shrunk with double-stitched hems. Our prints are made to last, and make perfect heirlooms for future generations.

4. We care about the safety of your information.

Our parent outfit Push Media Ventures owns the company that manages and controls the safety of websites for premiere music acts such as Katy Perry, Mumford & Sons and 5SOS. This means we understand how to build websites like this one that keep your personal information as safe as the Crown Jewels. We use PayPal for processing all sale transactions: a company that needs no introduction. We also think it's uncool to share your data with other people without your consent, so you can relax on that front too.

5. Our 90 day "no-nonsense" returns policy.

If you've bought something from us and you change your mind – maybe you don't like it, or it doesn't fit, or you don't want it – you can send it back to us and we'll refund you.