What We Did This Summer....

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We bloody love the summer. We love the long bright evenings and time to unwind. We love time in the pub. We love BBQs. We love hanging out with mates, family and friends. We love festivals. Seeing our favourite bands in the open air, shades and sunscreen, pint in hand.

Summer rocks.


We spent the long winter months dreaming of this time of year. We wanted to design something special that captured the spirit of the season and the things we’re passionate about. Our Summer 2017 range has it all.

There are some new colours and lots of great designs on t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. We focussed on the classic motorcycle brands of old and all thing petrol-fuelled. We took our mammoth logo in a new direction for the summer.

And we wanted colours that really popped. As we get older, we’re more comfortable wearing brighter colours and now’s the time to liven things up. You’ll see ranges in yellow and red and more. Of course, our winter wardrobes are still mainly grey, green, blue, black and brown - but there’s room for more colour this time of year. Why not live a little?

Thanks for popping by. We’ve launched this blog to let you know more about us, our clothing and the things we’re passionate about. Keep your eyes posted for guest writers, more of our new ranger, special offers and codes. Now browse the range online, we guarantee you’ll love what you see. We’re the brand you’ve been waiting for. We understand you and what you want.

And right now, we want a cool t-shirt and a cold pint. See you in the beer garden.

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